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Using Fieldshare is straightforward. If you have work to offer interviewers, recruiters or other fieldworkers then you need to register as a client to get access to details of fieldworkers on the database.

If you are looking for work as an interviewer, recruiter or supervisor and want to promote your services, then you need to register as an interviewer to add your information to the database.

Supervisors are in a special position as they often manage other interviewers so they should register as both interviewer/fieldworker and as a client.

Once you have registered, you will automatically be sent an email with instructions of how to activate your registration. You need to follow the instructions in this email to complete your registration (this two-stage registration process is to prevent misuse of the database).

When you have completed both stages of the registration process just log-in to get access to the database, check or update your details or search for fieldworkers or use the discussion boards.

For more help and guidance look at the How to... guides for clients, interviewers and supervisors.


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