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How Supervisors use FieldShare

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Supervisors are in a special position as users of FieldShare, in that they are both fieldworkers and fieldwork managers. FieldShare gives you the opportunity to promote your services and to get in touch with interviewer who may form part of your interviewing team.

To make best use of FieldShare it is recommended that you register both as an interviewer and as a client to get access to all the facilities on the site.

When you register as an Interviewer, under Specialist expertise there is the opportunity to say you offer supervising and management skills. If you no longer carry out interviewing yourself, you can leave the boxes under "areas of work" blank.

When you register as a Client, just enter Supervisor as the name of your company (unless of course you have a company name). You can use the same username and password to log in as both a client and an interviewer.

When you log-in to use FieldShare in the future, unless you want to modify your interviewer details, we would suggest that you log in as a client to get full access to all the data included here.

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