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Harris Hill Four day project looking for fieldworkers in Brighton and Thanet More info...
Feb 2014 Database reversion
Due to a database glitch, we've had to remove changes made since October 2013. If you've made changes to your details or password since October 2013, you'll need to re-do them. Apologises.
Feb 2013 Change to the database added. From April 2013 records for fieldworkers and clients will expire after two years after you last logged-in. If your record has expired and you want to make it visible on the database again, you just need to log-in to re-activate it.

FieldShare is the world's first and oldest online database of market research interviewers, supervisors and qualitative research recruiters and lists market research fieldworkers and supervisors in the UK and Ireland. 

Interviewers and other fieldworkers can add details to the FieldShare database for free. Clients looking for interviewers or recruiters can use the database to look up contacts details for free too - you just need to register.

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