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Latest news

May 2012 More than 1200 fieldworkers and over 2000 clients
Jan 2000 Ten years old, and one of the oldest continuous market research resources on the Internet with more than 1000 fieldworks listed
Oct 2005 More than 400 fieldworkers and over 1000 clients
Sep 2004 FieldShare has 380 fieldworkers and over 800 clients
Oct 2003 FieldShare reaches 300 fieldworkers listed
Apr 2003 Fieldshare now has 500 registered clients (people looking for fieldworkers) from agencies and end-user clients
Jan 2003 FieldShare reaches 200 fieldworkers listed

FieldShare is the world's first and oldest online database of market research interviewers, supervisors and qualitative research recruiters and lists over 380 market research fieldworkers in the UK and Ireland. 

Interviewers and other fieldworkers can add details to the FieldShare database for free. Clients looking for interviewers or recruiters can use the database to look up contacts details for free too - you just need to register.

If you are interested in advertising on FieldShare or adding a link or resources please email info@fieldshare.net for more information


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