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Interviewer Registration

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To provide your details to clients or to contribute to the discussion boards, please complete the following registration form.

Registration is in two stages. Once you have completed your details below, you will be sent an email with informations of how to activate your registration (please ensure you use a valid email address!). Note that questions marked * are compulsory and must be completed.

First Name*
Address - number, street and area* (this information will not be made public)
Postal Town/City*
Postcode* (Used for location but full code not made public)
Confirm your email address by typing it again*
This is a double-check as you will be e-mailed with details of how to activate your registration

Which of these areas of work do you offer?* In home interviewing
Street interviewing
Omnibus surveys
Hall tests
Executive interviewing
Qualitative recruitment
Qualitative hostessing
Mystery Shopping
Telephone interviewing
I am ICQS trained

In which of these regions do you carry out face-to-face interviewing?* Wales
South West
South/South East
West Midlands
East Midlands
East Anglia
North West
Northern Ireland
Rep. of Ireland

Which of these specialist expertise do you offer?* CAPI/Computer based interviewing
Telephone back-checks
Questionnaire piloting
Interviewer training
Product placement
Diary placement
Supervising/managing interviewer team
Booking and managing hall tests
Recruitment of other interviewers
Qualitative interviewing/ moderating

Brief description
This will help clients choose who to offer work to, so sell yourself! Write in your work experience and expertise. You can update this later as appropriate.
What was the year in which you first started as an interviewer?

It is recommended that you provide two referees, one of whom is from an agency that you have worked for in the past
Referee contact 1 - name
Referee contact 1 - email/phone
Referee contact 2 - name
Referee contact 2 - email/phone

Choose a username*
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With the exception of your address, the information you have provided may be made available to other registered users of this website. If you would prefer just to register to browse or use the discussion boards, but do not wish to have your details made available on the website, select the appropriate option below.
Please add my details to this website Please just register me, but don't make my details available on the website

Registration policy: Inclusion on the website is entirely at the discretion of Fieldshare and details may be removed at any time without having to provide a reason. Your registration is initially valid for two years. After this time you will be recontacted to verify that you wish to remain registered with Fieldshare. Registration will remain free for interviewers. This FieldShare site is being managed by dobney.com